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Lotrel elements

This medical product is sold in 6 various strengths for the oral administration; the remedy is a mixture of benazepril hydrochloride and amlodipine besylate. The inactive ingredients of the pills are magnesium stearate, cellulose compounds, gelatin, iron oxides, calcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, talk, lactose, lauryl sulfate and castor oil.

Lotrel dosage

  • Lotrel 100mg

  • Lotrel 50mg

  • Lotrel 25mg

  • Lotrel 18mg

  • Lotrel 10mg

Lotrel functionality

This medical agent is in the group of blockers that’s way it contains the combination of amlodipine and benazepril. Such remedies act by relaxing the blood vessels and improving the blood flow in general. Moreover, it widens the vessels and prevents the body from the water retaining. That’s why it is highly functional against high blood pressure or hypertension. This medical agent can be consumed for other purposes, though only in case your medical expert has recommended it.

Undesirable effects of Lotrel

Call your medical specialist if you experience the symptoms of severe allergy, such as: severe stomach ache, hives, swelling or breathing difficulties. You are more likely to experience these reactions in case you are African-American. Some undesirable effects may also occur after the consumption of the preparation for several months. That’s why before buying Lotrel, you should be aware of the following reactions:

  • Chest ache;
  • Swelling, quick weight gain;
  • Sore throat, body ache, chills, symptoms of flu;
  • Weakness, slow rate of heart, loss o movement, nausea
  • Cough, headaches, dizziness;
  • Loss of appetite, tiredness, troubles with urination.

This isn’t the complete list of all the probable undesirable reactions that can occur during the course of treatment.

Lotrel purchasing

If you have problems with blood pressure you may purchase this preparation and cure your disease. Lotrel is really very functional medicament which will definitely help to fight with this disease. Before the ordering of this medicament you should call your healthcare specialist and get detailed information about the drug’s portions and the schedule of its appliance. If you want to get this medicament without the consultation with your medical adviser you should just enter Lotrel online pharmacy and order it.

Recommendations about Lotrel appliance

Don’t use this remedy if you are pregnant, due to the fact that the tablets can lead to the injury or even death of unborn kid. You aren’t recommended to order Lotrel in drugstores, in case you have angioedema, it is really severe skin reaction. Lotrel is consumed for:

  • Heart diseases;
  • Blood pressure;
  • Kidney disorders.

Don’t use Lotrel if you have:

  • Serious allergic reaction;
  • Diabetes;
  • Other severe health problems.

Lotrel doses

For the initial curing you should apply 1 capsule of the remedy once a day. The portion can be gradually increased every week, if it is advised by the medical specialist. The maximum dosage can be chosen by the specialist on the basis of several important factors, such as treatment’s response and general health condition.

Where to buy Lotrel

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