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Clonidine elements

This medical product is sold in the form of pills in various dosage strengths. The inactive components of this drug are silicon dioxide, dibasic calcium, corn starch, gelatin, glycerin, magnesium strearate and lactose.

Clonidine functionality

This preparation helps in lessening the blood pressure by decreasing the quantity of some elements in the blood. It relaxes vessels and slows the heart beats. This medical agent is really functional for the course of hypertension treatment, though you should talk with your medical specialist about the norm of its usage.

Undesirable effects of Clonidine

Before buying Clonidine, you should know about the probability of allergic reactions to the medicament, they can be: swelling, breathing difficulties and hives. During the curing you can also notice such side effects as: - Severe chest ache, uneven heartbeat; - Nosebleeds; - Anxiety, confusion; - Slow heart rate; - Drowsiness, dizziness; - Dry mouth, loss of appetite; - Sleeping problems; - Constipation. This isn’t the full list of the probable undesirable spillover reactions which can occur. And in case you want to be aware of all the possible effects you should consult with your medical expert. Clonidine purchasing In case this medical preparation is right for your case you shouldn’t waste your time and purchase it as quickly as probable. The process of online purchasing is really very quick, so you need only a couple of seconds for the whole process. Also, when getting remedies in online drugstores you will not need any prescription from your medical specialist.

Recommendations about Clonidine appliance

Prior getting Clonidine in drugstore, tell your healthcare expert about all your allergies; due to the fact that this drug can contain some inactive components which may provoke to some undesirable effects or some other diseases. Consult with your medical specialist for getting more detailed info. Also, notify your medical expert if you have such troubles as: kidney illnesses or heart rhythm problems. Furthermore, this remedy can lead to dizziness and drowsiness. That’s why, it is recommended not to use machinery or do any kind of alert activity, before you are really sure that can do it safely. Drinking alcohol during the course of curing is also harmful to the general health condition. Clonidine is consumed for:

  • Prevention of heart attacks;
  • Blood pressure;
  • Hyperactivity disorders.

Don’t use Clonidine if you have:

  • Diabetes;
  • Allergies;
  • Serious heart block.

Clonidine doses

The usual dosage for the treatment of hypertension is 0.1mg which is taken 2 times a day. It can be increased up to 0.6mg in 2 divided norms. The initial portion is consumed once a week, the maintenance is taken after a week.

Where to buy Clonidine

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